Weir Farm National Historic Site

On October 20, Weir Farm National Historic Site celebrated the National Day on Writing by hosting a virtual writing marathon. As we celebrate our 3rd anniversary of writing this blog, it made us reflect on our writing and think about why we write this blog each week. 

We enjoy sharing our experiences. It is a great opportunity for us to go through our old photos and think about what we saw and learned and experienced. We also get a chance to be creative – looking at each national park unit with a fresh eye and from a different perspective. 

That’s what Weir Farm is encouraging people to do; exercise their creativity in writing and share their stories with others on Weir Farm’s Facebook or via social media using hashtags #writeweirfarm, #whyiwrite and #writeout.

It is great that Weir Farm recognizes that creativity may come in different flavors, even while they showcase one of America’s finest impressionist painters – J. Alden Weir. They understand that people can be creative in many ways – writers, poets, painters, musicians, dancers… It is the creative spirit that they celebrate.

Visit Weir Farm National Historic Site in rural Connecticut and you’ll see why they call this “The National Park for Art”. Not only can you visit Weir’s home and studio, you can walk or hike in the beautiful gardens and grounds, just picturing how this beautiful scenery inspired artists over the years.

Weir Farm includes more than 60 acres of woods, fields and waterways and is one of only two national park units that celebrate the visual arts. (The other is Saint-Gaudens National Historical Park in New Hampshire). Both of these parks keep the arts alive, hosting artists-in-residence and inviting visitors to create their own works of art. In fact, when you visit Weir Farm, you will probably see artists out in the fields with their easels and paintbrushes in hand.

Even though Weir and his paintings are front and center, Weir Farm showcases a variety of artists who stayed or lived there. The property includes 16 buildings, 2 artist studios and a restored home accessible via ranger-led tours. 

But you don’t have to go to Weir Farm to celebrate creativity. Join us and be creative right from your own home. Pick up a pen and make your own story! 



Need Help Planning Your Visits?

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