National Park Week 2021!

This national park week, we thought we would reflect on all of the wonderful memories we have of the 390 national park units that we have visited. We are so close to the magic number – 423. We have only 33 more to visit, including just four National Parks (of 63). We have been truly blessed to have been able to be so many national park units and are so grateful that our country has seen fit to preserve and protect these places.

390 memories and counting

Beauty, Nature, Serenity, Sunsets, Sunrises, Forrests, Views, Observation towers, Blue blue Water, History, Wildlife, Hiking, Backpacking, Sea Kayaking, Camping, Rangers, Volunteers, Visitor Center exhibits, Friends, Ranger-led programs, White-water rafting, Self-guided tours, Driving tours, Walking tours, Scenic byways, Wildflowers

Glaciers, Bays, Snow capped mountains, Palm Trees, Loblolly Pines, Giant Sequoias, Ancient Bristlecones, Douglas Fir, Redwoods, Ghost towns, Joshua Trees, Saguaro Cactus, Organ Pipes, Pacific Madrone trees, Fossil beds, Islands, Forts, Battlefields, Flags, Uniforms, Mud pots, Towers, Calderas, Dune fields, Flint Quarries, Native Americans, Conquistadores, Priests, Volcanos, Lava Fields, Moonscapes, Geothermal vents, Hot springs, Canyons, Waterfalls, Mountain Goats, Turtles, Manatees, Deer, Elk, Bison, Settlers, Cowboys, Trading Posts, Monuments, Liberty Bell, Founding Fathers, Geysers, Geology, Archaeology, Dinosaurs, Junior Ranger programs, Senior Ranger programs, Night skies, Astronomy, Deserts, Mountain Peaks, Plains, Prairies, Rock Formations, Rock Climbing, Newspaper Rocks, Natural Springs, Rivers, Wagon Trains, Homesteaders, Dingy rides, National Park mooring balls, Missionaries, Farms, Dustbowl, Caves, Stalactites, & Stalagmites, Cave bacon, Bears, Bighorn Sheep, Park hosted running events

Church bells, Frescoes, Fish, Whales, Prisons, Historical trails, Internment camps, Missile silos, Cliff Dwellings, Native American Ruins, Electrical Fences (around campgrounds), Ash fields, Cinder Cones, Wild Horses, Pelicans, Laughing Gulls, Motorcycle rides, Lighthouses, Fog, Textile Mills, Forges, Canals, Iron Works, Water Wheels, Tall Ships, Our Military, Flour mills, Blowholes, Fruit Bats, Bat caves, Seals, Seal Lions, Boat Rides, Outriggers, Bridges, SUPs, Snorkeling, Gift Shops, Snowshoeing,  Snow, Algae covered rocks, Rainforest, Rock Windows, Rock Bridges, Rock Arches, Sea Anemones,  Lakes, Bicycling,  Running Paths, Canoeing,

Historic neighborhoods, Birthplaces, Flood history, Dams, Light shows, Luminaire’s,  Sandstone bluffs, Locomotives, Planes, Military history, Locks, Ironclad Ships, Stockades, Redoubts, Bayous, Memorial Arches, Bridges, Minting coins, Jazz music, Food, Orchards, Farm equipment, Military firearms, Photography, Rusty memorabilia, Gold Dredges, Mosquitos, Bald eagles, Condors, Goats, Remote places, Wolves, Outhouses, Wild Burros, Rattlesnakes, Caverns, Missions, Cathedrals, Burial sites, Cemeteries, Parade Grounds, Canons, War memorials, World War I monuments, World War II monuments,

Commissaries, Post Office, Train Rides, Ruins, Fortifications, Coquina, Seashells, Seashores, Barrier islands, Coral reefs, Parrotfish, Pueblos, Adobe buildings, Leper colony, Steep trails, Pack trains, Covered Bridges, Alligators, Crocodiles, Cyprus Trees, Manatees, Boa Constrictors, Boat Tours, Frigate Birds, Painted cliffs, Shipwrecks, Mounds, Kivas, Mesas, Movies, Park Brochures, Souvenirs, Museums, Stone houses, Rock walls, Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC), Work Progress Administration (WPA), National Park Lodges, Grand Canyon Railway, Farm Equipment, Mansions, Period clothing, Reenactments, Gardens, Paintings, Tombs, Shifting rivers courses, International borders, New horizons, Headwaters, Rafting / Tubing, Paddle wheelers, Egrets, Herons, Seawalls, Roadhouses, Rail yards,Science, Technology, Moose, Fox,

Underground Railroad, Libraries, Reconstruction, Poetry, Art, Literature, Marshes, Clear streams, Babbling brooks, Shady picnic spots, Quiet pathways, Leave no trace, Horseback rides, Canon Balls, Cherry Trees, Encampments, Ghost Tours, Presidents, Officers quarters, Barracks, Marmots, Pica, Prairie Dogs, Pueblos, Ladders, Crampons, Walks in the woods, Holding hands, Binoculars, Bird watching, Mud, Clay, Religion, Horseshoe Bends, Fur Traders, Voyageurs, Bobcats, Teepees, Fish wheels, Salmon, Train bridges, Mines, Rocks, Box canyons, Ice fields, Ice caves, Moulins, Carriage roads, Sand hills

Company owned towns, Crevasses, Caribou, RVing, Lightning, Moonrises, Starry nights, Swimming, Long deserted beaches, Kite Flying, Driving on the Beach, Long Beach Walks, Piers, Tiki Lights, Sea gulls, Cormorants, Driftwood, Starfish, Bird nesting islands, Terns, Antiques, Log Cabins, Cocktails on the beach, Walking our doggies, Picket Fences, Picnics in the park, Secluded benches, Hang gliders, Pirates, Maritime history, Whaling, Forests recovering from fire, Shooting stars, Campfires, Barbecues, Woodpeckers, Wild Turkeys, Thimbleberries, Moonlight paddles, Phosphorescent fish, Full moon hikes, Shipwrecks, Tanks, Ravens, Vultures, Interesting people, Enthusiastic docents, Remarkable feats, Scenic vistas, Dust devils, Skat, Lovingly restored buildings, Original furnishings, Chuckwagons, “Beaver” slide, Petroglyphs, Red rocks, Checkerboard rocks, Lava rock, The “route”, Scree slopes, Steam whistles, Bike paths, Rainbows, Moon shadows, Live Oak trees, Elms, Maples, Photo Albums, Park Stamps, National Park Travelers club, Architecture, Famous park designers, National trail system, Explorers, Fishing on deserted lakes, Hiking to “4 bars”, Beavers, Merganser families, Cottonwood trees, Thunderstorms in a tent, Blogging.

Road trips, stories to share and places we want to return to.
More memories than we can count. 
And still more to discover…

Need Help Planning Your Visits?

If you would like to explore any National Park Units, but need a bit help in the planning, please give us a call at (480) 609-3978. We are happy to offer customized trip planning.