Flight 93, Never Forgotten

National Memorials are a special kind of national park unit – memorializing a historic person or event. One of these is the Flight 93 National Memorial in southwestern Pennsylvania, a memorial to the heroism of the passengers and flight crew on that fateful day in September.

Flight 93 National Memorial

The Flight 93 National Memorial is within driving distance of two thirds of the nation’s population – only an hour and a half from Pittsburg and only five hours from New York City. It doesn’t take long to visit, for most it will be an hour or so. There is a visitor center with exhibits located behind tall Memorial Walls and a Flight Path Walkway. A mile from the visitor center is the Memorial Plaza. There you can take a 1/4 mile walk way along the crash site and debris field, leading to a Wall of Names. NEW at the Flight 93 National Memorial is the Tower of Voices, a 93 foot tall musical instrument with forty wind chimes, representing the forty passengers and crew. We didn’t get to see this but it sounds amazing. It is just now complete, being officially dedicated on Sunday September 9, 2018.
There is extremely limited parking at the memorial, so it is best to go early in the day!

National Memorials

Flight 93 National Memorial is just one of twenty-nine National Memorials in the national park system; 10 of them in Washington DC. They range from memorials to past presidents to the story of how the border with the US and Mexico was decided; from Spanish conquistadores, the War of 1812 and the American Revolution, to the Civil War and World Wars; from Native American and African American history to a horrendous flood and the history of flight. It’s a pretty diverse lot.
  1. Arkansas Post, Arkansas
  2. Arlington House, The Robert E Lee Memorial, Virginia
  3. Chamizal, Texas
  4. Coronado, Arizona
  5. De Soto, Florida
  6. Federal Hall, New York
  7. Fort Caroline, Florida
  8. Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, Washington DC
  9. General Grant Memorial, New York
  10. Hamilton Grange, New York
  11. Johnstown Flood, Pennsylvania
  12. Korean War Veterans Memorial, Washington DC
  13. Lincoln Boyhood, Indiana
  14. Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC
  15. LBJ Memorial Grove on the Potomac, Washington DC
  16. Martin Luther King Memorial, Washington DC
  17. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
  18. Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial, Ohio
  19. Port Chicago Naval Magazine, California
  20. Roger Williams, Rhode Island
  21. Thaddeus Kosciuszko, Pennsylvania
  22. Theodore Roosevelt Island, Washington DC
  23. Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Washington DC
  24. Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington DC
  25. Washington Monument , Washington DC
  26. World War I Memorial, Washington DC
  27. World War II Memorial, Washington DC
  28. Wright Brothers, North Carolina
Flight 93 National Memorial is just one piece in our nation’s fabric of history. Make a pledge today to visit them all. #fFndYourPark #SeeAmericaFirst