National Park Units

About the Explorers

Thanks for checking out our blog. We hope you will enjoy hearing about our travels as we continue on our quest to visit all 423 National Park Units in the United States. To date, we have visited 389, taking us from Alaska, to Hawaii and to the US Virgin Islands and American Samoa, plus every state on the mainland. Although we have travelled extensively outside of the United States, the two of us have found there is so much here at home to see you could spend a lifetime exploring! We really encourage everyone to “See America First”!

Your modern-day explorers, Darryl and Kathleen Toupkin


National Park Units Visited to Date

As of December 2020, we have visited 389 National Park Units including:

  • 59/63 National Parks
  • 77/85 National Monuments
  • 30/31 National Memorials
  • 52/58 National Historical Parks
  • 71/76 National Historic Sites
  • 15/19 National Preserves
  • 17/18 National Recreation Areas
  • 8/10 National Wild & Scenic Rivers
  • 9/10 National Seashores
  • 10/11 “Other Designations”
  • 0/1 International Historic Sites
  • 11/11 National Battlefields
  • 4/4 National Battlefield Parks
  • 1/1 National Battlefield Site
  • 9/9 National Military Parks
  • 3/3 National Lakeshores
  • 4/4 National Parkways
  • 2/2 National Reserves
  • 4/4 National Rivers
  • 3/3 National Scenic Trails